Farmers fund farmers in exciting change

An ongoing commitment doesn’t mean a handout. Now beneficiaries of Seed Their Need are responsible for the success of others, as well as themselves.

Ongoing payments for families have always seemed like a necessity, despite many practices put in place to encourage self sufficiency.  Due to a new Seed Their Need initiative, self sufficiency has continued to be even more viable.

Now in combination with farmers repaying their loans, farmers are required to donate an offering of their own; 20% of their seed harvest for the year.

In his recent trip to Australia, Zambian director Dr Jacob Phiri reinforced the importance of the new initiative, “This is a major step in not alleviating poverty, but eradicating it.”

“We must be willing to work with our own two hands and be transparent to the aid we receive.”

For many years, Africa has been dependent on the West for aid. However, Seed Their Need has a powerful vision for ‘trade’ not ‘aid’. Farmers now have the responsibility to sustain others, their communities and their own nation.  According to our Zambian contacts, this initiative was an absolute necessity. Because of the opportunity that has been provided, successful farmers are more than willing to contribute for the future of other potential farming successes.

Despite the obvious practical applications of the cooperative, there is an underlying emotional change that factors in as well. This is not only for farmers themselves, but for a nation long bereft of confidence and promise. Successful farmers can now take pride in being the catalysts of change for their community. A great example is one of the poorest districts of Zambia, Chibombo. Chibombo, a province that even police were afraid to enter, has seen tremendous upheaval not only due to an increase in farming viability, but a change in heart and mindset in part due to our new initiative.

It’s steps like these that help to ensure these families and communities aren’t just the product of ongoing commitments, but that their success can be attributed to their own hard work and dedication. We’re one step closer to eradicating poverty, help us bridge that gap and fund a farm today.


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