A Young Mother’s Fight

“I have to guard my harvest jealously or else he may sell the soya beans just to get money for the local beer.”

Like many mothers in Zambia, Pamela has to worry about a lot more than just feeding her children. Her husband, an alcoholic, had to be guarded against stealing the harvest of soya beans that she worked tirelessly for throughout the year.

“l have 2 children to feed, so there is nothing l can do apart from working on my field.”

Despite the adversity of raising a family and dealing with internal problems, Pamela has managed success with Seed Their Need. For the first time since she has started farming, she produced 30 x 50kg bags of soya beans.

“Thanks to Seed their Need Zambia for helping me achieve this.”

This newfound success means that Pamela can continue to provide for her family and feed her two children. Consider funding farms to secure a future like theirs for others.


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