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When Agnes was given a chance, she took it

“With my newly born baby on my back, l knew l needed to go through all that in order to improve my life.”

We sometimes talk about taking a chance in life; proposing a new idea at work; stepping out to talk to someone new. But sometimes you don’t have a choice when there’s family to support – to clothe, feed and protect.

Agnes was married for 12 years until her husband died of HIV/AIDS 18 months ago. By the time her husband died, Agnes was pregnant with her third child.

However her worst news came when she was told by the midwife during the routine antenatal checks up that sadly she was HIV positive. She lost all hope. On top of this, the small property she owned with her husband was taken from her by her in-laws shortly after his death. She was left destitute with her 2 daughters Emily and Naomi to care for. Though Agnes knew some basic farming skills, she could not cultivate as she had no land for herself and family – let alone the money needed to buy farming inputs.

But her story changed in September last year when she joined Seed Their Need Zambia.

Typically new farmers pay a membership fee for the opportunity to join Seed Their Need. However, Agnes couldn’t afford to pay up front. Instead, her local pastor and Seed Their Need coordinator gave her the chance to pay back her membership. She was given a chance – and she took it

“In a month l managed to pay my subscription (5 USD). The money was raised through doing some piece work for some families. I was fetching water from the nearby stream carrying 5 x 20 liters containers of water per day.”

“With my newly born baby on my back, l knew l needed to go through all that in order to improve my life.”

Agnes’ work and sacrifice have given new life to her family and community. And she couldn’t be more excited for the future.

“The surplus l sold and managed to buy a brand new bicycle. I have joined the women club in the area where l contribute 5 dollars per month. I plan and aim to buy 5 roofing sheets for my 1 roomed house.”

“I want to thank sincerely the leaders of Seed Their Need Zambia for this wonderful initiative. My life has changed and am sending my daughters to a near by school in January 2019. I am looking forward to raising enough capital after next year’s harvest and l will be able to expand my house and buy a mattress”.

There are thousands of people like Agnes waiting for the finance to start their own farms.
It’s the last opportunity for this season as the rainy season and seed planting begins next month. You can be the one to give them that chance.


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