15000 New Farms in 2019

Update: Exceeding expectations for the new year, 15000 new farms have been funded and produced.  What is it that makes Seed Their Need so sustainable?

Original article: 5000 fledging farmers in Zambia have been awarded interest free grants for farming in the new year.

They are presently at Stage 1, receiving training in farming techniques in 11 different centres.

This large number has far exceeded our initial goal of 3000 farms and the additional 2000 has caused great excitement.

Originally we had 16,800 applying for grants. This means that many of these will be given the opportunity to revolutionize their lives.

Success Funds Success

The funds have come from two sources – 95% of our initial group of farmers  were successful and repaid their loans totalling $70,000. Their repayments have kick started around 1400 farms. Those of you who donated last year will be receive satisfaction from  the knowledge that your donation will be recycled into new farms this year. This then becomes your ongoing legacy, a repetitive annual process.

The additional funds for 3600 farms have come from our initial and new partners who wanted to invest in a project which has the potential of eradicating hunger in the nation.

Despite this success, we had 16,800 villagers apply for farms with 5000 receiving funding. We must make up that difference.

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